My names Darren I am a Level 3 Qualified Coach

I am able and willing to walk alongside you on the journey to freedom from work.

I am very proud to let you all know that I am an associate member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council who hold some of the highest standards of ethics and integrity, as well as business training by The Coaching Masters, a professional company which promotes the best operational standards in the coaching industry

My Story

I am able and willing to walk alongside you on the journey to freedom from work.

In 2005, I had the honour of becoming a police officer in Wales, UK, and thrived on the challenges and work pressures it presented. If someone had asked me to work 24/7, I would have willingly done so, such was my drive and dedication to the role. I had a partial interest in moving up the ranks, but I also enjoyed being on the bottom tier, and getting out and about.
In 2015, I specialised in hate crime, and learnt so much about differing religions and cultures, and meeting many great people. Things started to change for me in July/August 2016, when the soles of my feet started to hurt, almost biting and burning.
From this point on, the pain quickly moved up my legs and towards the upper right side of body, and it was crippling me.
Eventually, I was diagnosed with Small Fibre Neuropathy, which, despite my best efforts, reluctantly forced me to retire from the police.
This caused me a lot of anxiety, stress, and loneliness.
As a result, and the mixed emotions about leaving a job I adored, I understand how it feels coming to the end of a vocational career, whether though medical reasons like myself or through retirement age, you need not do this alone, and I am able and willing to walk alongside you on the journey to freedom from work.

About Me

I am a medically retired police officer, who has gone through the very lonely feeling of abandonment from retirement. I truly understand what working for emergency services is like, the pressures of shift work, and not seeing a way to obtain a good work life balance.


I am more than super excited that you have decided to look for a coaching programme, designed and carried out, not just by a Level 2 and 3 Qualified Coach, Level 6 Trainer and someone doing a double masters in wellbeing and personal development as well as coaching and mentoring.