Personal Coaching

1-2-1 Support every step of the way

Firstly, I thank you for trusting me to help you in this process, which you may or may not know what coaching is.

In basic terms, coaching will allow you space to think freely, to allow your thoughts to become words and actions, with me as the coach asking questions for you to attain the best of you as well as the stronger you.

As a coach, I will never tell you what to do, but will give you the support you need.

Further Information

Please contact me to book in your complimentary dynamic discovery call

Coaching is not counselling, though they share similar disciplines, in particular, the right of confidentiality, which I will hold in the highest regard for you, my client, as I truly only want the very best for you.

My 12 week programme, starting with a 2.5 hour breakthrough session, it will allow you to realise that life progression can be a great event and allow you to build in confidence, highlighting your values, your motivation, your life components and other elements of your life that we need to explore and support

About Me

I am a medically retired police officer, who has gone through the very lonely feeling of abandonment from retirement. I truly understand what working for emergency services is like, the pressures of shift work, and not seeing a way to obtain a good work life balance.


I am more than super excited that you have decided to look for a coaching programme, designed and carried out, not just by a Level 2 and 3 Qualified Coach, Level 6 Trainer and someone doing a double masters in wellbeing and personal development as well as coaching and mentoring.